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For over 40 years Al Masaood Automobiles has been an icon for the UAE’s automotive market, today being the sole distributor for Nissan, INFINITI, and Renault in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western region.

Al Masaood Automobiles has a world class network of state-of-the art service centres and extensive spare parts outlets. The company’s Nissan Service Centre in Mussaffah is the largest service centre in the world catering to customers in Abu Dhabi.


Al Masaood’s name has become synonymous with the best customer service in Abu Dhabi. Al Masaood Automobiles’ Nissan was named the leading car brand amongst its competitors in customer satisfaction surveys in the automotive sector securing a first ranking four times in the last five years. 


Additionally, Infiniti car brand gained the highest score, ranking No. 1 car brand for customer satisfaction in the luxury automotive segment in the UAE in the inaugural J.D. Power 2018 U.A.E. Customer Service Index (CSI) Study. The survey results have further cemented Al Masaood’s status as a provider of world-class global mobility solutions and services.


Other accolades AMA has bagged worth noting are:

Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award 2023

Global Nissan Aftersales Award 2021

Nissan Middle East Recognition Award 2021

INFINITI Global President Award 2021

Nissan Dealer Quality Standard Award 2020

Global Nissan Aftersales Award 2020

INFINITI Outstanding Performance Award 2020

Nissan Award of Excellence 2020

Nissan Outstanding Performance Award in Market Share Growth 2019

Renault Global Partners Award – P.A.R.I.S Challenge 2019 

Nissan Global Dealer Award 2019

Business Transformation Special Award by Renault 2018

Voice of the Customer Award by Renault 2018

Highest Sales Growth Across I/MEA Market by INFINITI FY17

Exemplary Performance in Sales and Customer Experience Award by Nissan FY17

Best Sales Performance Award by Renault 2017

Nissan Global Dealer Award 2013


Al Masaood applies its Group’s adherence to superior service standards throughout its automotive division. It develops highly trained staff and makes continual investment in its showroom and service facilities which ensure both client satisfaction and long-term relationships.

Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

  • Embracing Heritage, Delivering Excellence and Innovation 


  • Connecting Employees and Customers on Our Journey into the Future of Mobility 


Uphold Our Integrity

Do More Together

Make Innovation Our Game

Respect Employees, Customers, and The Planet

Obsessed With Delighting Our Customers

Integrated Management System Policy

Al Masaood Automobiles Company LLC is widely recognized as an icon in the UAE automotive market – bearing a reputable status and ‘Driven by Ambition’ for over 40 years. Today, this status is further strengthened with Al Masaood Automobiles being the main distributor for Nissan, Infiniti and Renault in Abu Dhabi.

Our Group has a world-class network of well-equipped service centers and extensive spare parts dealers. To help promote its commitment towards world-class facilities, the company has recently opened the Al Masaood Automobiles Nissan Service Centre, the largest Nissan service center in the world.

In applying Al Masaood Group’s adherence to superior service standards, we at Al Masaood Automobiles ensure both client satisfaction and long-term relationships through our highly trained staff and continuous investment in our showroom and service facilities.

Our Vision,Embracing Heritage, Delivering Excellence and Innovation’ will be fulfilled through our Mission of ‘Connecting Employees and Customers on Our Journey into the Future of Mobility.’

In fulfilling all our responsibilities, Al Masaood Automobiles Company LLC shall act as a role model in promoting a culture of excellence by the application of international standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 ISO 22301 and ISO 31000. We hereby commit to:

- Exceeding customer’s Expectations and achieving business excellence.

- Understanding the organization context and support its strategic directions.

- Providing of qualified human resources, trainings, and other necessary resources to manage Integrated Management System (QHSE, BCM and RMS).

- Demonstrate leadership commitment towards Establishing, implementing, operating, reviewing, maintaining, improving monitoring, measuring, analyzing, and evaluating the Integrated Management System (QHSE, BCMS and RMS). Further take corrective actions to continually improve the company’s resilience strength.

- Reducing incidents, preventing injuries and occupational illnesses and to continuously provide a safe place of work for all personnel working under our control.

- Protection of Environment, including preventing pollution and reducing the impact of our operations and processes on the environment.

- Defining individual roles, responsibilities and accountabilities at appropriate levels within the organization.

- Managing and controlling contractors/suppliers/external providers activities. Sound oversight of contracts, contractors, and committees of management to ensure that appropriate risk controls and insurances are in place.

- Providing framework for setting an Integrated Objectives for (QHSE BCM and RMS).

- Continually improve the Integrated Management System to enhance performances.

- Establish communication needs with employees, customers, partner entities, local community, and other interested parties, including media. Promote a culture within the organization through effective communication, participation and consultation with employees / employees’ representatives in the workplace and through zero- tolerance approach to compromises or shortcuts.

- Embed QHSE, BCM and RMS culture among AMA’s business processes across all levels.

- Establish a holistic risk management strategy taking into account the internal and external issues along with the requirements of the interested parties; applicable legal, regulatory and statutory obligations for identifying, removing risks and hazards. Undertaking risk assessments for key operations, projects, pre-employment screening and strategies, and maintaining a comprehensive and regularly updated risk register to identify and monitor operational and strategic risks and associated response plans.

- Prompt and thorough reviewing of incidents and claims, to respond to imminent risks and highlight patterns and areas of risk management deficiency.

- Provide awareness of the QHSE and BCM risks that are associated with the operations at AMA.

- Identify potential threats which could cause a break in operations.

- Implement cost-appropriate actions to mitigate the likelihood and/or severity of a threat.

- Design an effective plan that recovers lost business functions with minimal downtime and safeguards the reputation of AMA and its stakeholders; and confirm the capability of the business unit to implement the plan.

- Apply due diligence in decision-making.

- Protect Human Resources (people), Information (physical & electronic) and Assets (capital assets) during a disruptive incident.

- Contain and minimize the impact of disruptive incidents on the company’s revenue, operations, and reputation.

- Identify and prioritize activities which support the provision of AMA’s products and services.

- Establish, implement, and maintain a formal documented process for assisting AMA to respond, recover and return to normal business state after an incident.

- Complying with the legal and other applicable obligations, including customer, regulatory requirements, and other requirements of United Arab Emirates.

- Ensuring that interested parties are informed of and understand this IMS policy.

- Reviewing this IMS policy yearly to keep up with the latest developments and implement within the organization.

Our Management Team


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    HE Masaood Ahmed Al Masaood is Chairman of the Al Masaood Group Board of Directors with responsibilities covering a wide array of trading activities and industrial sectors. The activities of the Group cover most sectors of the economy, including construction, automotive, real estate, insurance, power and heavy engineering. HE Masaood Al Masaood has held senior public office as well as overseeing the development of key strategic activities of Al Masaood. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

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  • member-image

    HE Tariq Ahmed Al Masaood, Director

  • member-image

    Mohammed Rahma Al Masaood, Director

  • member-image

    Ahmed Rahma Al Masaood, Director

  • member-image

    Humaid Al Masaood, Director

  • member-image

    Khalifa Al Masaood, Director

  • member-image

    Masaood Rahma Al Masaood, Director

  • member-image

    Ziad Abou Nasr, Executive Committee Member

    Ziad Abou Nasr joined the Al Masaood Private Office in September 2000, managing a portfolio of assets comprising real estate, publicly listed securities and private equity. He played a primary role in restructuring the management of the portfolios spanning multiple asset classes and geographical diversity.

    He has also managed the funding structures for the Private Office to ensure relationships with financial institutions achieve the maximum benefits for primary beneficiaries. From January 2017 he has been part of the Chairman’s appointed team tasked with restructuring the Al Masaood Group.

    Ziad holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Master’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy.

  • member-image

    David Hughes CFA, Executive Committee Member

    David Hughes has considerable expertise in finance and real estate, and joined the Group through a related company in 2008 with responsibility for real estate investment and asset management. His principal role currently focuses on the key areas of corporate finance, portfolio analysis and enterprise risk management.

    David has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Florida. In 2013, he became a CFA Charterholder and he is a licensed real estate broker.

  • member-image

    Mohammad Abu Izzah CPA, Executive Committee Member

    Mohammad Abu Izzah brings over twenty years of experience in accounting, corporate governance, and internal auditing as a non-executive member of the Executive Committee. He is a certified public accountant in the U.S. and has previously consulted for several Fortune 500 Companies before joining the Al Masaood Group as the Head of Internal Audit. Prior to joining the Executive Committee, Muhammed more recently worked for the private office of the Rahma Al Masaood Group as the Business and Admin Manager.

  • member-image

    Irfan Tansel

    Chief Executive Officer 

  • member-image

    Bachir Gemayel

    Sales and Marketing Director

  • member-image

    Harmeet Singh

    After Sales Director

  • member-image


    General Manager – Customer Experience and Network Development

  • member-image


    General Manager - Parts

  • member-image

    Rimoun Hanouch

    General Manager, Service

  • member-image

    Samuel Blackburn

    General Manager, Sales – Nissan

  • member-image

    Ali Naeini

    General Manager - Infiniti

  • member-image

    Jean Pierre Homsi

    General Manager, Sales - Renault

  • member-image

    Anis Ahmad

    General Manager, Leasing

  • member-image

    Arsen Simonyan

    Business Excellence & Strategy Manager

  • member-image

    Zaheera Omar

    Head of Finance and Insurance

  • member-image

    Dankan Jayanath

    Logistics Manager

  • member-image

    Jose Joaquin Miguel

    QHSE Manager

  • member-image

    Sahana Konjengbam

    Senior HR Business Partner

  • member-image

    Paula Reyes

    Finance Business Partner

  • member-image


    Finance Business Partner

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