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Code Of Conduct

Al Masaood’s code of conduct is designed to uphold the high standards of integrity. Our code of conduct defines the standards of ethical conduct required from our stakeholders and employees.

You can download our code of conduct policy here.

Code Of Conduct Policy

Doing Business

Our business practices are based on three main pillars: long-term growth, mutual benefit, and sustainable strategic performance, This is within the framework of our firm commitment to establish sustainable partnerships with merchants and to provide value-added products to all of our customers.

We believe in Al Masaood Group that the continuous improvement of products and work with responsibility to protect the planet and preserve the environment and support the empowerment of individuals is what enables us to manage our business successfully and makes us a leading company working to achieve long-term value for the society of the United Arab Emirates and our partners.

Our standards for conducting our business have been defined ethically and responsibly in our Supplier Code of Conduct, and we hope all our current and future suppliers adhere to the business mechanism that reflects our values and our ethics, starting with being a national company responsible for carrying out daily business in an environmentally safe manner.

We strive to provide efficient and ideal platforms through which our partners can express their concerns when they are suspected of violating the rules set forth in this code of conduct.

You can download our Supplier Code of Conduct policy here.

Supplier Code of Conduct Policy

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