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Al Masaood Automobiles receives 2018 Business Transformation Special Award

Al Masaood Automobiles receives 2018 Business Transformation Special Award

Sunday, 03 March 2019

Al Masaood Automobiles is proud to have received the 2018 Business Transformation Special Award during the Renault Middle East 2019 Commercial Convention, which took place Thursday Feb 21st in Dubai. The award was presented in recognition of Al Masaood Automobiles’ Business transformation efforts in 2018 on maximizing the potential of the brand whilst creating future opportunities for growth.

The prestigious award was given to Al Masaood Automobiles because of the positive outcome we have orchestrated in transforming Renault as an organization, improving performance and enhancing investment and the belief of shareholders.

During the ceremony, Irfan Tansel, CEO, said: “I would like to congratulate everyone involved with Al Masaood Automobiles as this award represents the value of the entire team. Last year, we began a five-year journey established by our team named the “Falcon Project” – based on the key pillars of tradition, innovation and heritage. By embracing the values and working together, we have moved towards excellence and established a special and unique project in Abu Dhabi. The Renault brand is integral to our strategy over the next five years and is a technology leader in the region. We began our journey more than one year ago and we have had extensive support from the Renault team and leadership throughout the entirety of that time – it is highly appreciated. Thank you to all at Renault and thank you to all at Al Masaood Automobiles.”

“Al Masaood Automobiles considers themselves as one of the ambassadors for instilling belief in the future of Renault electrical cars amongst the region’s population and driving the development of these vehicles in their market”. Marwan Haidamous, Director of Renault Middle East.

Since 2004, Al Masaood Automobiles has established a fantastic partnership with Renault – providing passenger, commercial, 4x4 and luxury cars catering to individual, fleet and government buyers – which continues to grow despite any changing market conditions. We are also committed to sustaining investments in human capital, technology and research despite any market changes in the future.

At Al Masaood Automobiles, we are renowned for our excellent services and high rate of customer satisfaction, with valuable and innovative after-sales services and strong team of trained staff and sales professionals. Our innovative strategies involve providing services that meet the needs of customers entwined with smart hiring prices, as proven by Renault awarding us for “Best Sales Performance” among other dealers across the Middle East in 2017.