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Jens Otterstedt, GM of Al Masaood Bergum, Highlights Importance of Sustainable Construction at Middle East Manufacturing and Technology Expo

Jens Otterstedt, GM of Al Masaood Bergum, Highlights Importance of Sustainable Construction at Middle East Manufacturing and Technology Expo

Thursday, 10 November 2022

Jens Otterstedt, General Manager of Al Masaood Bergum, highlighted the significance of innovative 3D volumetric modular building solutions, including usage of recyclable materials, to foster sustainable construction practices at the Middle East Manufacturing & Technology Expo. He gave a presentation on the topic ‘Sustainable Construction’ during the Expo that was held from September 12 to 14, 2022 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC).

Mr Otterstedt underscored the necessity of following ‘Muda’ as a guideline not only in the manufacturing sector but also for general constructions. Muda is a Japanese word meaning wastefulness and the well-known concept in the context of Lean manufacturing aims at eliminating non-value adding steps during the production process.

Emphasising on the significant role new materials and technologies play in developing a sustainable construction industry, Mr Otterstedt highlighted Al Masaood Bergum’s new initiatives towards sustainable solutions primarily utilizing Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), which is an engineered wood product made by a highly sustainable carbon capturing material. In addition to offering strong structural capabilities, thermal and acoustic qualities, and other advantages, the solution also speeds up construction by 40 per cent and makes better use of labour by 30 per cent. Using CLT reflects Al Masaood Bergum’s commitment towards sustainable construction methods and reduce carbon emissions during the life cycle of construction.

Furthermore, he underlined the advantages of using green concrete and the use of reusable materials in the construction industry. He also briefed about the vast possibilities of cutting-edge software and machineries in making the industry more sustainable by reducing the amount of waste generated.

In his presentation, Mr Otterstedt also reiterated the importance of all stakeholders - including governments, investors, developers, designers, and architects – to work in coordination and welcome initiatives in strengthening sustainability in the construction industry.

With over three decades of experience in construction, design and factory management, Mr Otterstedt’s leadership has made Al Masaood Bergum one of the GCC’s leading 3D volumetric modular building solutions providers. He spearheads the operations of Al Masaood Bergum, initiating a new and upgraded range of modular solutions, and supervising the company’s operational expansion in Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. He is committed to implementing the ‘LEAN culture’ concept and fully computer-controlled manufacturing processing in the company to deliver high-profile projects on budget with outstanding quality results.