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Al Masaood Tyres, Batteries, and Accessories Division wins big at Bridgestone’s Toolbox Global Awards 2020

Al Masaood Tyres, Batteries, and Accessories Division wins big at Bridgestone’s Toolbox Global Awards 2020

Sunday, 04 April 2021

Al Masaood Tyres, Batteries & Accessories (TBA) Division scored a major win at Bridgestone’s Toolbox Global Awards 2020. The division’s Fleet Solution team was recognised as one of Bridgestone’s worldwide partners with exceptional efforts to consistently transform itself into a Solution Provider of choice among fleets customers.

The yearly Toolbox Awards was launched to acknowledge to the most active users of TOOLBOX, Bridgestone’s proprietary software for tyre assessment and tracking.

By utilizing the TOOLBOX software, Al Masaood’s Fleet Solution team can provide valuable reports after every tyre inspection. The report contains insightful, direct and actionable recommendations for fleet customers to maintain and optimise their tyre performance. It also helps them to track down the tyre consumption and gives a guide on how to reduce losses and increase profits.

Salah Adib, General Manager, Al Masaood Tyres, Batteries & Accessories (TBA) Division, said: “Congratulations to all the winners and our entire Fleet Solution team on their well-deserved recognition. Our achievement has proved once again that our employees, along with our customers and partners, are instrumental to our success. It also reflects our relentless quest to keep up with the latest technological trends, and increase our adoption of advanced digital platforms to enrich the experience of our customers.”   

“I applaud all the team members for their hard work and commitment which has made them standout from among other Bridgestone dealers worldwide. I also take great pride in the fruitful relationship that we enjoy with our partners Bridgestone, and thank them for this esteemed recognition and for their continual support to our division and team over the past 4 decades,” Adib added.  

Stefano Sanchini, Regional Managing Director at Bridgestone, said: “We would like to congratulate Al Masaood TBA on this recognition. Under Salah’s leadership, the team has been consistently stepping up their digital initiatives to keep pace with the newest innovations. This has been Al Masaood’s ethos throughout our 4 decades of partnership, and their winning illustrates the division’s commendable direction. We thank the team for implementing TOOLBOX as we look forward to continue elevating the Bridgestone brand together.”  

Since 2016, Al Masaood TBA has been utilizing TOOLBOX to generate reports and produce the results of the inspections easily for its fleet customers. Additionally, the system has enabled the company to efficiently implement its solution activity of 3M Total Tyre Care sales contract.