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Al Masaood Power Division Wins Volvo Penta Regional Yacht Series Support Dealership

Al Masaood Power Division Wins Volvo Penta Regional Yacht Series Support Dealership

Monday, 13 November 2017

Al Masaood’s Power Division, which has represented Volvo Penta exclusively in the UAE since 1972, has been awarded as the exclusive Yacht Series Support Center by Volvo Penta to provide all yachts equipped with their advanced Inboard Performance System (IPS) and engines in the Middle East region with the company’s exclusive Yacht Series Support Service.

Al Masaood has been recognized by Volvo Penta for its high standards of service operations and after sales service and the professional team’s cutting edge technological knowledge and expertise. In the UAE Al Masaood provides maintenance and repair services for UAE government departments, civil defence, the armed services, oil and gas companies as well as private and corporate clients for a wide range of land-based and marine engines and turbines.

Volvo Penta has 19 such dealerships in Europe, 7 each in Italy and Spain, 2 in France and 1 each in Croatia, the UK and Belgium. This is the first such arrangement to be dedicated to the Middle East and comes some 3 years since the last dealership was awarded.

The Yacht Series Support programme provides owners of vessels equipped with Volvo Penta starting from IPS 500 up to IPS 1350 with 24/7 access to maintenance and repair services, wherever they are in the world. This means that owners of such large and super yachts can call on the help of over 30 other Volvo Penta Yacht Series Dealerships elsewhere in the world, and those visiting the Middle East will now have high quality technical assistance closer at hand from the Al Masaood Power Division in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Once a call is taken by operators at the Yacht Series Support Center, who have access to a yacht’s technical details, they will locate the closest Volvo Penta technician able to attend the appropriate IPS propulsion system. Yacht Series Support then supervises the case, and updates the owner on the progress of the request until it is completed.

Mr Masaood Ahmed Al Masaood, Chairman of the Al Masaood Group, said “The creation of a dedicated Yacht Series Support hub for the Middle East demonstrates the increasing demand for and presence of larger yachts in the region. As Volvo Penta’s long-time exclusive partner in the UAE, it makes sense for the Al Masaood Power Division to be appointed as such, but it also shows the quality of service and professionalism that the Division has achieved, equal to any of Volvo Penta’s other partners around the world. We are very proud to have been recognized in this way.”

The service is available to leisure (as opposed to commercially operated) yachts only throughout the warranty period of the vessel, but even if the warranty is not available the service can be provided on a retail basis to locate and dispatch qualified technicians wherever they are needed.

Al Masaood Power Division has over 4 decades of experience in marine propulsion and power generation systems of the highest quality and reliability. In early 2017 Al Masaood opened its Competence Centre in ICAD II, a 10,000 sq m facility housing all warehousing, berthing and maintenance and repair facilities along with a world class engine test center.