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Al Masaood participates in World Future Energy Summit – Eco-Waste Exhibition 2019

Al Masaood participates in World Future Energy Summit – Eco-Waste Exhibition 2019

Monday, 14 January 2019

Al Masaood Commercial Vehicles & Equipment (CV&E) Division, part of Al Masaood LLC, is participating for the first time in the World Future Energy Summit (WFES) – Eco-Waste Exhibition on 14-17 January 2019 at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC). WFES Eco-Waste is dedicated to advancing sustainable waste management and recycling solutions in the region and will showcase the latest technologies, debate challenges that await and pinpoint the opportunities and solutions that will transform attitudes and behaviors around waste in the future.

As sole distributor of UD Trucks, Al Masaood CV&E Division will display the Quester UD truck at the exhibition, which is a new generation of heavy-duty trucks, launched in 2016 in the region and used for waste management purposes. The Quester is a multi-purpose truck range for a wide range of applications, including off and on-road use, waste management, construction, distribution and long-haul transportation. The Quester range is a robust, strong and heavy duty truck with a combination of global technology and Japanese craftsmanship. Quester’s two engine alternatives are designed with proven fuel-efficiency and superior performance for various applications. The 8-liter diesel engine (GH8E) offers excellent performance and is ideal for distribution and construction work. The 11-liter engine (GH11E) is based on the Volvo Group’s global technology resources in combination with Japanese manufacturing quality.

 Mohamed Nabih El Zeftawi, General Manager of Al Masaood’s CV&E Division, said: “Our goal is to provide products that are created with forethought for the environment and are focused on the effective use of resources and reduced environmental impact. We felt obligated to offer a brand-new UD truck that will become a benchmark with regards to fuel economy moving forward. The Quester carries less fuel per ton than any other vehicle that precedes it and is a real testament to our commitment to devise and execute effective solutions to help the process of waste management.”

 “Our major clients range from government departments, civil defense, armed services and oil companies through to industrial and commercial organizations. The Division provides sales and after sales for an extensive range of franchises and our dedicated sales, service and parts facilities are fully equipped with the latest technology and are recognised to be the best workshops in the Gulf region. Therefore, it is of the upmost importance for Al Masaood that we contribute to ensure continued stability in the area and ensure the best results possible for our clients. Showcasing “Quester” at the event is extremely important for us as we fully believe that this is the latest technology that will lead the way in the coming years and prove to be extremely friendly to the environment and a benefit to the entire region,” he added.

 Mourad Hedna, President of UD Trucks MEENA, said: “After years of extensive quality control tests conducted by UD Trucks and the Volvo Group, the Quester range was developed with a Japanese hands-on, field-oriented approach established on a customer and factory floor perspective. It performs impressively, provides good value and satisfies owners’ expectations in every aspect. Quester is built and refined based on insights from customers’ day-to-day needs and cutting-edge knowhow gained from UD Trucks’ experience in the Middle East and the Volvo Group’s.”

 Al Masaood’s CV&E journey with UD Trucks began more than 35 years ago in 1982 and UD Trucks is a transport solution provider dedicated to delivering optimized total cost ownership to its customers. It sells and serves medium and heavy duty trucks as well as special vehicles. UD Trucks was established in Japan in 1935 and became part of the Volvo Group in 2007. With its headquarters located in Ageo, Japan, UD Trucks supports sales and services in more than 60 countries through a worldwide network.