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Al Masaood Group Celebrates Emirati Women’s Day with ‘You are a Gem’ Female Majlis

Al Masaood Group Celebrates Emirati Women’s Day with ‘You are a Gem’ Female Majlis

Sunday, 28 August 2022

Al Masaood Group, one of Abu Dhabi’s leading business conglomerates, organised a female majlis under the theme ‘You Are a Gem’, on August 22nd, to commemorate Emirati Women's Day. Emirati women across the Group were invited to attend this event, in honour and recognition of their inspirational qualities and crucial roles in the development of the business.

The female majlis also promoted stronger relationships among Emirati women working in the company and facilitated peer mentoring through a range of engaging activities. Additionally, through the use of interesting and creative exercises, participants were also coached on how to use creative problem-solving, hone their problem-solving abilities, and promote team spirit. 

Al Masaood’s ‘You Are a Gem’ female majlis was led by the internationally recognised and award-winning speaker and consultant, Christina Ioannidis, who has received multiple recognitions on leadership and empowerment from across the globe. Ioannidis is also the founder of the ‘Top of her Game’ leadership and performance management programme which encourages Arab women to be active, ambitious and resilient. It also offers them tools to support their career ambitions. Al Masaood’s majlis is a customised version of Ioannidis’ peer-mentoring signature Female Majlis programme which gathers some of the top inspirational and trailblazing female professionals in the region. Over the years, Ionnidis’ Female Majlis programme has seen large success in the region due to its culturally relevant approach and its ability to drive engagement and learning. 

Commenting on this activation, Bothaina Al Ali, Group HR Manager, said: “Al Masaood Group has always been committed to the advancement of the Emirati youth. As we observe the Emirati Women's Day, we recognise the contributions that women have made to the progress and development of our country. At Al Masaood, we reaffirm our support to women in all endeavours and value their contributions to maintain the UAE's position as one of the world's top nations. Through our female majlis ‘You Are a Gem’, we hope to contribute to preparing the nation’s future female leaders who, through diligence and creativity, believe that no challenge is insurmountable.”

The UAE continues to be a solid supporter of women empowerment across all disciplines. The achievements and successes of Emirati women across various disciplines are best reflected in the vision of the UAE's founding father, late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who once said, “The woman is half of the society; any country which pursues development should not leave her in poverty or illiteracy.” Ever since, the UAE has made large strides it its mission to elevate the role of Emirati women from all walks of life. Today, this is clearly visible in the fact that the country has as many as nine women ministers, constituting 27.3 per cent of all cabinet positions in the UAE, which is one of the highest in the region. Similarly, Al Masaood Group in its pursuit to carry forward the wise leadership’s vision, also considers the Emirati women as partners in the success of the company and is continually working towards equipping them with the necessary skills to support and propel them forward in their careers.

Christina Ioannidis, CEO of Aquitude, and Founder of ‘Top of Her Game’ Leadership Platform, also commented saying: "Emirati women are multi-faceted and strong. Running the ‘You are a Gem' Female Majlis has highlighted the hidden power and ambition of Emirati women within Al Masaood, who shine far and wide. It is great to see how our signature Female Majlis has created a very positive outcome with, not only the Al Masaood Emirati ladies, but also the wide array of inspiring Emirati females across the country who have joined this programme.”

Themed ‘Inspiring Reality…Sustainable Future’, the Emirati Women's Day 2022 celebrates the nation's progress towards women's empowerment, which dates to the establishment of the UAE on December 2, 1971, by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who placed strong emphasis on investing in human resources. The Emirati Women's Day - which was founded in 2015 by Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, also known as the ‘Mother of the Nation’ - is observed every year in honour of the contributions that Emirati women have made to the long-term growth of the nation.