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Al Masaood CV&E witnesses crowning of winners of UD Extra Mile Challenge 2020 during virtual global awards ceremony

Al Masaood CV&E witnesses crowning of winners of UD Extra Mile Challenge 2020 during virtual global awards ceremony

Sunday, 28 March 2021

Al Masaood Commercial Vehicles and Equipment witnessed the crowning of the winners of the UD Extra Mile Challenge 2020 local driving competitions during a virtual global awards ceremony organised by UD Trucks’ head office in Japan.

Out of the Challenge’s 500 participants, 10 drivers from Australia, Singapore, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Qatar, the UAE, and the Philippines were officially declared as the Ultimate Drivers during the online gathering.

Each of the 10 winners was awarded an Ultimate Driver prize box, which contained a custom-made cap, shirt, and masks. The box also included two virtual airline tickets to Japan, which will be converted to actual tickets upon the resumption of normal international travel activities.  

Mohamed El Zeftawi, General Manager, Al Masaood CV&E, said: “The 2020 edition of the competition tested anew the skills and agility of all participating UD Truck drivers. It was an experience that further enhanced their capabilities, allowing them to learn innovative solutions that could improve their respective transport operations.”

“It was a joy to watch the winners from different parts of the world accept their well-deserved prizes. We congratulate them on a job well done. We also extend our praises to all 500 participants and organisers for another successful edition of the Extra Mile Challenge held amidst a highly challenging period,” he added.     

Launched in 2015, the UD Extra Mile Challenge is a global driver competition. It simulates a day in the life of a truck driver and tests both their pre-inspection and driving techniques - from fuel efficiency to safe driving and parking skills, all of which contribute to the bottom line and help reduce environmental impacts. The Extra Mile Challenge recognizes the safest and most fuel-efficient drivers on the roads today.

Qualifying rounds are held across nine countries to enable the local markets to choose their respective best drivers, who will then represent them in the Global Final at the UD Experience Center in Japan.

All 500 participants of the 2020 edition competed in the qualifying rounds. The 2020 Japan Global Final, however, was cancelled due to the pandemic, and all local market winners were chosen as Ultimate Drivers. UD Trucks described it as a worthy designation, considering that they kept their trucks moving despite the pandemic to deliver essential goods to communities.

“Efficient drivers are an essential asset of trucking companies, especially now during this pandemic when logistics play a critical role in transferring goods from one location to the next. Our winners had shown great dedication and worked doubly hard to help guarantee the uninterrupted movement of goods despite the limitations brought about by COVID-19. Taking part in the global virtual awards ceremony illustrated that Al Masaood CV&E continues to share with UD Trucks the same mission and goals that the Extra Mile Challenge espouses. We look forward to the competition’s upcoming edition,” El Zeftawi concluded.