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Al Masaood Automobiles Announces Launch of Special Nissan Patrol Super Safari 2024‘Al Ostoura’ Edition

Al Masaood Automobiles Announces Launch of Special Nissan Patrol Super Safari 2024‘Al Ostoura’ Edition

Thursday, 21 March 2024

Al Masaood Automobiles, the authorised distributor for Nissan, INFINITI, and Renault in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and the Western Region recently announced a remarkable addition to its lineup – the exclusive 2024 ‘Al Ostoura’ edition of the Nissan Patrol Super Safari. ‘Al Ostoura,’ meaning ‘The Legend,’ celebrates the iconic vehicle’s storied legacy and its strong bond with the region’s heritage.


The Nissan Patrol Super Safari has long been a preferred choice for those looking for off-roading abilities and shares a profound connection with the spirit of adventure of the Middle East.

More than just a vehicle, the Nissan Patrol Super Safari has emerged as a cultural icon in the region. The deep-rooted affinity for it first began in the 1980s when it was popular for its all-terrain capabilities, durability in extreme heat, and unmistaken reliability. Over the years, its spacious and comfortable interior has made it ideal for families and groups, making it the perfect choice for the culture in the UAE – distinguished by a love of large gatherings, communal outings, and shared adventures. This adaptability has always allowed the vehicle to cater to a broad spectrum of personal and commercial needs, embedding it into the history of the UAE and the region. Moreover, its simplicity and ease of maintenance earned it a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts, solidifying its status as an iconic and beloved vehicle in the Middle East.

Bachir Gemayel, Director of Sales and Marketing at Al Masaood Automobiles said, "Every adventure, every mile across the desert landscapes of the capital, the Nissan Patrol Super Safari has been more than just a vehicle; it's been a part of adventures, stories, and heritage. With the launch of the 2024 'Al Ostoura' – the finale edition of the renowned Nissan Patrol Super Safari, we're not just celebrating a legendary vehicle; we're celebrating the journeys, the memories, and the bonds it has built. At Al Masaood Automobiles, we're proud to offer our customers this special edition that mirrors the heart and soul of our community.”

The Nissan Patrol Super Safari Al Ostoura offers a blend of heritage, luxury, and supreme performance, and features design enhancements inspired by the desert landscape and cultural motifs, making it a collector's item for those who cherish both the history and the capabilities of the car.

The Nissan Patrol Super Safari Al Ostoura is now available across Al Masaood Automobiles showrooms. To know more, visit Al Masaood Automobiles’ showrooms.