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Renault Trucks, Al Masaood, and Tadweer launch the first 100% electric waste truck in the UAE

Renault Trucks, Al Masaood, and Tadweer launch the first 100% electric waste truck in the UAE

Friday, 26 May 2023

 In support of the UAE’s net-zero ambitions and sustainability agendas, Renault Trucks Middle East and Al Masaood in collaboration with Tadweer, launched the first 100% electric waste truck in the United Arab Emirates, the first fully electric heavy truck launched in the Middle East.

The first Renault 100% electric truck will be used by Tadweer, the sole custodian of waste management for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, to collect waste household in Abu Dhabi. The truck was manufactured by Renault Trucks, under the dealership of Al Masaood, following the signing of an MoU between Tadweer and Al Masaood during the EcoWaste Exhibition and Conference

Being the first electric heavy truck operating in the region, the Renault Trucks E-tech truck will also run a pilot programme to gauge the vehicle’s performance in the high temperatures such as the capital’s summer heat, in addition to addressing logistical challenges such as charging station availability along key routes.

Renault Trucks & Al Masaood, two partners committed to a more

Sustainable future

“Renault Trucks has a legacy of providing market-leading transport solutions for nearly 130 years, and we have succeeded because our eye is always out on the future needs of the industry,” said Olivier De Saint Meleuc, President of Renault Trucks International. “The imperative for today is to tackle global warming, and we are proud that our state-of-the-art trucks are able to address the global requirement for low or zero emission vehicles, and to also contribute to the UAE’s visionary Net Zero 2050 strategic ambition. We are thrilled that we can bring our own electric mobility vision to the country, thanks to our partnership with Al Masaood, who share our values and future outlook for a zero-carbon future.”

“At Al Masaood, we have made a tangible and firm commitment to support the nation in meeting its Net Zero 2050 strategic initiative, and we do recognize that as a key industrial player in the nation’s

capital and in the country as a whole, that we do bear a heavy responsibility in not only lowering our greenhouse emissions, but by providing innovative solutions to private and public partners to help mitigate their own emissions,” said Mohamed El Zeftawi, General Manager of Al Masaood’s Commercial Vehicles and Equipment division. “We are able to deliver these solutions thanks to our strategic partnerships, and with Renault Trucks Middle East and Tadweer, we found partners that can deliver on our aspirations.”

The Renault Trucks D-Wide E-tech has already demonstrated its effectiveness and performance in Europe, with urban centres like Paris and Barcelona adopting nearly 100 of the trucks each to fulfil their commitments to sustainability and their communities. By using these electric trucks, these two cities will remove over 4000 tons of carbon dioxide from the environment each year, equivalent to removing 1000 cars from the roads annually. With a range of up to 200 kilometres between charges, the trucks have already proven their worthiness from a zero-emissions and performance perspective. Tadweer is keen to start operating this 100% electric truck on Abu Dhabi's roads to assess and monitor the vehicle's performance in the summer temperatures.

The ideal solution for waste management

The first 100% electric waste truck in the UAE supports Tadweer in achieving its mission through building an integrated waste management system and achieving a circular economy.

The Renault Trucks D Wide 26t E-Tech Electric is the ideal vehicle for urban waste

collection with low operating costs while maintaining optimal range and payload.

Equipped with 23m3 Gorica-Farid electric garbage compactor, this 100% electric

Renault Trucks E-Tech D Wide P6x2 will be operating, almost silently with zero tailpipe emissions.

“Tadweer has established its position as a pioneer in waste management and driving a sustainable future. The company incorporates state-of-the-art and modern technologies to ensure successful operation, while supporting Abu Dhabi’s Environment Vision 2030 and the UAE’s Net Zero 2050 ambitions as well,” said Ali Al Dhaheri, MD and CEO at Tadweer. “We therefore look forward for our on-going collaboration with Al Masaood and Renault Trucks and are excited to see what this E-Tech Waste management Truck has to offer in terms of performance and efficiency.”

“Our relationship with both Al Masaood and Renault Trucks is characterized by a robust and enduring partnership, and we are confident that this innovative zero-emissions truck will be an important added value to our existing Renault fleet,” added Al Dhaheri.

The launch of the Renault E-Tech waste management truck is also a commitment to both the UAE’s and the capital’s electrified mobility strategies; strategies which both the country and its capital find themselves at the forefront globally. Only recently, the federal government committed to placing over 800 EV charging stations across the country, while Dubai is moving towards a zero-emissions public transportation sector with electric vehicles now joining the taxi fleet.