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Al Masaood Group to bolster Emiratisation efforts by participating in Tawdheef X Zaheb 2023

Al Masaood Group to bolster Emiratisation efforts by participating in Tawdheef X Zaheb 2023

Monday, 13 November 2023

Abu-Dhabi based leading business conglomerate Al Masaood Group will be an active participant at Tawdheef X Zaheb once more this year. Tawdheef is a leading Emiratisation and Career Development event in the UAE that is aimed at empowering Emirati talent and providing them with the necessary tools and resources for guaranteed growth and success. 

Taking place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) from November 13 to 15, 2023, the recruitment exhibition aims to introduce prominent companies to promising Emirati youth, creating mutually beneficial opportunities.

Al Masaood Group is dedicated to fostering the professional development of the national workforce for sustained and successful careers. Demonstrating this commitment, the company champions initiatives such as the Emirati Functional Training Programme (EFTP), Full-Time Employment, and the Mechatronics Apprenticeship Program. These programs collectively empower professionals to achieve meaningful growth in their careers.

 “In our participation at Tawdheef this year, we aim to connect with talented youth and professionals of the UAE, and share with them insights on the work experiences, growth and development opportunities, and internal culture at Al Masaood. We also look forward to engaging with the brilliant young women who are actively reshaping the Emirati workplace into a dynamic, adaptable, and empowering environment,” said Bothaina Al Ali, Group Human Resources Manager at Al Masaood Group.

“Al Masaood Group’s efforts to mobilize Emirati youth are perfectly aligned with Abu Dhabi’s strategic shift toward a diversified, knowledge-based economy, with capable, ambitious Emirati nationals at its helm. We remain dedicated to providing them with the resources, education, and experience required to achieve this vision,” she added.

In their pursuit of this vision, Al Masaood has continually supported national youth, thus amplifying the government’s vision of creating enabling environments for them to progress and prosper.

Moreover, Al Masaood is a staunch advocate of creating opportunities for Emirati women in the workforce through growth and learning opportunities as well as initiatives that bolster female participation and enthusiasm.