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Al Masaood CV&E bags Two awards at annual UD Trucks Partner’s Conference

Al Masaood CV&E bags Two awards at annual UD Trucks Partner’s Conference

Tuesday, 13 December 2022

Al Masaood Commercial Vehicles and Equipment (CV&E), the sole distributor for UD Trucks in Abu Dhabi, has received two awards, ‘President Award 2022’, and ‘Parts Sales Team of the Year 2022’ - at the annual UD Trucks Partner’s Conference 2022 held recently in Dubai.

The division was honoured for its constant efforts to raise the standard of the customer services at all touch points and overachieve sales targets, outperforming other regional dealers in these segments. The awards were presented to Mohamed El Zeftawi by UD President; in the presence of all GCC partners during the conference at the Dubai Queen Elizabeth II Hotel.

The ‘UD Trucks President Award’ is a special award category that was awarded to Al Masaood CV&E by Mourad Hedna, President of UD Trucks MEENA. The division received the award in recognition of its consistent excellent work in truck sales for the waste management industry, its continued focus on marketing, expanding and elevating their services through the division’s all-new facility, and improving the customer experience with outstanding Parts Sales results throughout the year.

Meanwhile, Al Masaood CV&E’s remarkable growth in automotive parts sales was recognised with the ‘Parts Sales Team of the Year 2022’. The award demonstrates the team's perseverance and passion, as well as the division's dedication to achieving the goals established by UD Trucks. With the increased sales of automotive parts, the UD Trucks' parts purchases exceeded the target of 44 per cent to 69 per cent.

Mohamed El Zeftawi, General Manager, Al Masaood CV&E, said: “We are truly honoured to receive these awards. This strengthens our position in the market as a leading company in the commercial vehicle and heavy equipment sector and recognises our efforts in contributing to national and economic development. These awards also highlight the effort that our teams have invested to ensure that the overall experience of our customers is as seamless, convenient, and value-added as possible. Customers are at the heart of all our operations, and as such, we are continually seeking to elevate their experience with us across all our touch points. We also express our gratitude to UD Trucks MEENA for this honour and look forward to strengthening and diversifying our long-standing collaboration, to enhance our products and services to meet the customer needs and requirements in Abu Dhabi.”

The UD Trucks Middle East, East and North Africa Partner’s Conference is a dedicated event for UD Trucks’ distributors and partners in the MENA region. This year’s edition offered each participant the opportunity to present their success stories with the brand and review its past year’s performance as well as discuss new strategies for the coming year.