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Al Masaood Bergum participates in Tanzania Energy Congress 2022

Al Masaood Bergum participates in Tanzania Energy Congress 2022

Thursday, 04 August 2022

Al Masaood Bergum, one of the UAE’s leading modular building solutions providers and part of Al Masaood Group, is participating in the Tanzania Energy Congress 2022 to showcase its range of product lines such as multiple component-based modular building systems, hybrid modular systems, and containerised building systems. The event is the first for Al Masaood Bergum to showcase its range of products in Tanzania.

Al Masaood Bergum will also highlight its collaboration with SP Housing, a Tanzanian-based modular construction solution provider and a key player in the oil and gas industry in the region, during the two-day event, which commenced on August 3, 2022, at the Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre (JNICC), Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. The partnership is in line with the company’s strategy to promote sustainability, local development and its primary interest in the oil, gas, energy, and mining markets across East Africa, particularly Tanzania and Uganda.

Through the event, Al Masaood Bergum will exhibit its innovative hybrid modular solutions with foldable options, pioneering initiatives in sustainable construction using high quality, durable and adaptable materials, and multiple modular building systems for various construction purposes such as worker villages, schools, staff quarters, temporary facilities, offices, military and refugee camps, clinics, and rapid deployment test centres. The company’s host of solutions provide high-level productivity and offer quick and timely delivery of projects, even for short delivery deadline projects.

Jens Otterstedt, General Manager of Al Masaood Bergum said: “We regard the modular construction system as one of the practical ways to create effective, flexible, and long-lasting structures. We have partnered with SP Housing to assist in constructing temporary facilities

and worker accommodations in East Africa and support the community by utilising in-country value. We intend to surpass previous industry benchmarks in offering sustainable modular building solutions, which will help us position ourselves as a leader in the field of modular construction.”

Salim Mbarouk Salim, CEO of SP Housing Co. Ltd said: “We are proud to be collaborating with Al Masaood Bergum, which is a pioneer in the modular construction sector. Al Masaood Bergum has become one of the top choices in the field and a key partner for us, owing to its prompt and effective delivery of solutions to support the community by utilising the country's value. Together, we have developed a framework to assist with worker accommodations in East Africa and provide support to the community.”

“Our company aims to transform the housing market in Tanzania and expand across Africa. In light of increasing housing costs in Tanzania, we provide cutting-edge solutions for housing and construction issues.” he added.

Considering the easy access for transportation, this cooperation with SP Housing will enable Al Masaood Bergum to support large scale projects in East Africa such as worker villages, staff residences, containerised solutions, and many more. Under this partnership, Al Masaood Bergum will also assist in developing the engineering capacities, product development and added extension of manufacturing. Leveraging the ever-evolving industry landscape, the company has implemented various initiatives that promote sustainability at a global level.