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Al Masaood bags four awards at prestigious ‘GCC Leadership Awards’

Al Masaood bags four awards at prestigious ‘GCC Leadership Awards’

Tuesday, 25 October 2022

Al Masaood Group, one of Abu Dhabi’s leading business conglomerates, has won four major accolades at the GCC Leadership Awards, recognising its exceptional contribution to fostering a healthy working environment, advancing leadership excellence, gender equality and sustainable products and services.

Hani El Tannir, Chief Executive Officer, Group Industrial, Al Masaood, was conferred Honorary CEO Award for Sustainability during a ceremony held at Taj Dubai on October 13, 2022. Meanwhile, Meiraj Hussain, Head of Corporate Support, Al Masaood Group, received Excellence in Improving Performance through Leadership Award and Bothaina Al Ali, HR Manager, Al Masaood Group, bagged Excellence in Advancing Status of Women Award.

Meiraj Hussain, Head of Corporate Support, Al Masaood Group, said: “We are honored and thankful to be recognised for our efforts to build a system that values the overall well-being of our employees, encourages gender equality as well as fosters sustainable products and services through our businesses. Being the recipient of these awards reflects our commitment to observe the highest standards in all aspects of our operations. It is important to have an open and progressive organisational culture that fosters a healthy work environment, where employees feel valued and understood as essential to the success of an organisation. Employee engagement is a component of progressive work culture that is equally vital.”

“The foundation of employee engagement and empowerment is communication. At Al Masaood, we think it’s important to understand how our staff feel so that management can respond appropriately. We regularly conduct surveys at the business unit and corporate support levels to gauge employee sentiment. Additionally, Al Masaood's strategy, organisational viewpoints, milestones, and challenges are communicated to the employees across departments to provide clarity about their role and impact on the organization's success under the direction of their respective managers and leaders. This is done through the joint efforts of the HR department and the Marketing and Communications office,” he added.

During the event, Al Masaood Corporate received the ‘GCC Best Employer Brand Award’ for three-years in a row due to its excellence in building an efficient employee engagement & talent management strategy where employees take centre stage in building a bright future for themselves, their families as well as customers, community, and stakeholders. This strategy supports Al Masaood to recruit the very best employees in a highly competitive marketplace as well as retain our workforce by focusing on employee happiness, engagement, and welfare.

Hani El Tannir, the Chief Executive Officer of Group Industrial, was presented with the Honorary CEO Award for Sustainability, in recognition of his efforts in building a sustainable future through the development of innovative products and services. The award was presented by Dr. Bhatia, who is a global sustainability champion and member of the World Sustainability Council and has worked closely with the Singapore government in advancing sustainability.

The GCC Leadership award also privileged Meiraj Hussain with the Excellence in Improving Performance through Leadership Award for leading the company’s growth and building a culture of leadership excellence.

In addition, Bothaina Al Ali was esteemed for her excellence in advancing the status of women by ensuring equality as well as healthy and safe environment for women employees in the workforce as well as attracting female employees to the group.

These significant achievements are the latest in a string of accolades bestowed on Al Masaood Group in recognition of its efforts to create a workplace that fosters genuine teamwork & collaboration, values the welfare of every employee, and provide innovative solutions and services to the community.