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Al Masaood Automobiles Sees Record-Breaking Sales of Pre-Owned Cars in January 2024

Al Masaood Automobiles Sees Record-Breaking Sales of Pre-Owned Cars in January 2024

Thursday, 22 February 2024

Al Masaood Automobiles, the authorised dealer for Nissan in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and the Western Region has witnessed a record-breaking first month of 2024 in its sales of Nissan’s certified pre-owned vehicles (CPOV).


As the new year unfolds, many in the UAE are embracing new ambitions, including owning a car that meets their standards for quality, reliability, and value. Al Masaood Automobiles’ diverse collection of pre-owned cars that are inspected and certified has evidently been a popular choice for customers, with CPOV sales in January being a notable 36% higher than the monthly average in fiscal year 2023.

SUVs, making up 87% of the vehicles sold, remain the top choice among residents, reflecting a lifestyle that values family, comfort, and a passion for outdoor adventures. The Nissan Patrol continues to be the preferred choice in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and the Western region, with growing interest in models like the X-Terra and X-Trail, showcasing a broadening preference among Al Masaood Automobiles' customers.

A significant contributor to January's success has been the availability of 2023 models in pristine condition with low mileage, appealing to customers seeking the latest in models and car features at a value rate. Moreover, Al Masaood Automobiles prioritises service excellence, focusing on maintaining the highest standards of customer service and aftersales support.

Al Masaood Automobiles’ success is reflective of broader car-purchasing trends and behaviours in the UAE. The used car market has seen remarkable growth in recent years, with an unprecedented expansion in 2023 driven by a shift in consumer preferences. Younger generations have also become increasingly cost-conscious, with many opting for pre-owned vehicles as an attractive alternative to new ones without compromising on the quality, features and convenience offered.

Speaking on this milestone, Bachir Gemayel, Sales & Marketing Director at Al Masaood Automobiles, said, “We are thrilled to kickstart the year on such a high note. The outstanding performance in the very first month of the year is a clear indication of our customers’ trust in the quality, value, and reliability of our offerings in the pre-owned sector. As the demand for used cars continues to grow, we aim to maintain the highest standards for our CPOV vehicles, ensuring that customers enjoy full peace of mind while choosing from our wide model selection.”

The Al Masaood Confidence Program makes Al Masaood Automobiles’ CPOV offerings even more attractive, offering customers a 15-day exchange guarantee, a comprehensive five-year warranty, Al Masaood Service Inclusive, 24/7 roadside assistance, ensuring peace of mind and confidence in every purchase. The Nissan Intelligent Choice Program provides further benefits including 12-month/30,000 KM warranty, extended warranty cover, 24-hour roadside assistance for a year, a rigorous inspection and reconditioning process of over 167 points, along with full service and inspection before delivery on vehicles upto 6 years old or with 150,000km on the odometer.

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