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Al Masaood Automobiles - Nissan Goes Cashless

Al Masaood Automobiles - Nissan Goes Cashless

Monday, 19 September 2022

Al Masaood Automobiles, the authorised distributor of Nissan in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and the Western Region, has implemented digital payment solutions for cashless transactions, as part of its digitisation initiatives. Under this initiative, Nissan buyers in Abu Dhabi can now make online payments using debit/credit cards, payment gateway transactions and online bank transfers.

The aim of this scheme is to make the buying process convenient and easier for the customers of Al Masaood Automobiles and provide them with a seamless experience. This applies to showroom visitors as well as customers making their purchase through Nissan Abu Dhabi’s e-commerce platform. To maximise security of these digital transactions, Al Masaood Automobiles has launched high-level security protocols and a variety of encryption and data authentication mechanisms for safe payment processes in their payment gateways. For further assurance, customers will receive notifications from the company to update them on the status of their transaction. 

Irfan Tansel, Chief Executive Officer, Al Masaood Automobiles said: “The trend of cashless purchases is gaining traction among customers in Abu Dhabi. We have been closely studying our customer buying preferences, and over the first half of this year, more than 55% of our customers have opted for non-cash or digital payments – up by over 10% from 2021. Accordingly and as a customer-centric company, our payment digitisation scheme has been rolled out to keep up with these evolving customer preferences. At Al Masaood Automobiles, we aim to deliver seamless and convenient services that not only keep up with the times but also simplify our customers’ buying journeys.

Cashless payments have been on the rise across the country – not only in the capital. According to a survey conducted by VISA[1] recently, UAE customers have now adopted digital or cashless payments as the ‘new normal’, as they believe it constitutes a safer and more seamless alternative to cash. The survey highlighted that UAE consumers are showing a preference to digital payments including contactless cards, mobile payments, digital wallets and P2P (peer to peer) transactions. 57% of the survey respondents in the UAE said they are now increasingly using their credit cards, 53% for debit cards, and 66.5% have confirmed their use of mobile payments and digital wallets.

While digitisation has been a driver of productivity, efficiency, reducing costs, and developing innovations within the automobile industry, companies can leverage a number of technologies to build even deeper relations with their customers. Al Masaood Automobiles-Nissan’s implementation of digital payments reflects its continual dedication to placing customers at the centre of its business and embracing digital technologies to fulfil their needs and requirements.