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UAE Flag Day: Glorious occasion that symbolizes unity and pride By H.E. Masaood Ahmed Al Masaood, Chairman of Al Masaood Group

3 November 2021

The UAE Flag Day is a special national occasion that celebrates the values ​​of unity and peace instilled in our country by our founding fathers and visionary leaders. Today is a glorious day that symbolizes our nation’s sovereignty and pride, as we raise the UAE flag high and honour its special place in the hearts of citizens and residents of this beloved nation.


Today, we also celebrate the anniversary of the accession of H.H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan to Presidency. We at Al Masaood Group reflect with pride on our journey that began with the Spirit of the UAE’s union. Over the past decades, we have grown side by side with our country and bore witness to its success and progress under the guidance of our wise leadership. We now look ahead to the next 50 years, and renew our promise to continue to grow with the nation and contribute faithfully to its prosperity and sustainable development.