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This Year, Let It Be a Green Ramadan

27 March 2023

The holy month is here, giving us once again abundant opportunities to practice compassion, self-reflection, and gratitude. As the spirit of the holy month prevails, let us remind ourselves that Ramadan is also the time to think about those who are less fortunate.


At the heart of the holy month lies a wealth of sustainable values and practices, if applied, will deliver positive social impact. It is within this context that we are launching our Ramadan Campaign under the theme ‘Ramadan Al Akhdar’ or ‘Green Ramadan’ - denoting how in its essence, Ramadan is a truly sustainable month.


Calling on us to practice moderation and conscious consumption, and be thoughtful to the less privileged; practicing the values of Ramadan can surely deliver on the UN’s SDGs.


Throughout the month, our campaign will highlight 4 areas of sustainability that strongly complement the Ramadan values - namely: Saving Energy, Reducing Food Waste, Combating Poverty, and Conserving Water. Every week, we will share with you information about how the above four topics are stirring global concern, and tips on how each one of us can drive the change. All it takes is to adopt small shifts in our lifestyles.


This Ramadan let’s all be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem.