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Saahil Mehta, an entrepreneur, author, and passionate mountaineer, shares his insight on Mindfulness 

25 April 2022

⁣In our fourth Virtual Ramadan Majlis, we hosted Saahil Mehta, an entrepreneur, author, and passionate mountaineer. Saahil Mehta held an engaging session where he focused on mindfulness, self-awareness, and the side effects of clutter in our lives.⁣

During his insightful session, he highlighted the importance of decluttering our mind, body, relationships, and material things. By decluttering in these four aspects of our lives, we would be able to ‘Break Free’ of any self-imposed limitations. Ultimately, this will allow us to spend more time pursuing our passion, while also having a greater focus and awareness on all areas of life.⁣

Thank you once again Saahil Mehta for all the inspiring knowledge that you shared!⁣