Al Masaood | Abu Dhabi | UAE


Our Head of Corporate Support & Group HR, Meiraj Hussain wishes everyone a blessed Ramadan 

3 April 2022

We are once again celebrating Ramadan, the most sacred month in Islam. This holy month of fasting, prayer and charity is also a moment for all of us to engage in deep spiritual and personal reflection for the renewal of our minds.

In our organisation, we are one with the UAE in observing Ramadan. Hence, I would like to take this opportunity to re-emphasise the value of demonstrating understanding, compassion, and generosity towards our colleagues. It is a chance to enrich and nurture further our friendships, promote open communication and cooperation as well as celebrate diversity in our workplace.


This marks our first Ramadan post the pandemic, and that on its own calls for much gratitude and thankfulness. Although many may opt to revive family gatherings and rituals that were halted by the pandemic, I still urge you all to take care and observe the necessary precautions that will preserve your safety and that of everyone around you.


In the office, I also ask you to be more mindful to colleagues who are observing the month by fasting as they may experience fatigue or loss of energy, especially during the first few days. This is part of our efforts to foster not only a collaborative and inclusive work community, but also internal cultural empathy.


I wish you all a safe and healthy holy month of Ramadan.