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New Year Message – Ahmed Salmeen, Chief Executive Government Affairs

30 December 2021

The year 2022 is just around the corner. Filled with hope and anticipation of what’s to come, we are all excited to welcome the new year. But before we say goodbye to 2021, let me take this opportunity to share with you some of the milestones in our efforts this year to build a more robust and vibrant partnership with the government.

As a leading enterprise in the UAE’s capital, Al Masaood Group is subject to government regulations. At its core, we work closely with the Abu Dhabi Government to always be in step with its processes and goals. We consistently strive to strengthen our relations with different government and semi-government entities by building trust and confidence and fostering mutual support. Our regular interactions with various public bodies are crucial to Al Masaood’s overarching quest to grow with the nation.

At Government Affairs, we contribute to the creation of businesses, the encouragement of innovation, and the development of meaningful dialogues between our organisation and government entities. We educate clients about law-making processes while identifying issues that may affect our business. Additionally, we offer support and advice on how to influence the underlying policies and contracts.

With this mandate, we were able to further enhance the reputation of Al Masaood at the national and regional levels. This resulted in us closing new agreements with various government entities, thus opening up more opportunities and new business lines for Al Masaood and its group of companies.

Furthermore, Government Affairs was instrumental in forging new strategic partnerships between Al Masaood and key government stakeholders this year--enabling us to absorb potential new HUB infrastructure and long-term business initiatives. Our team is also proud to have the opportunity to collect backdated debts, as well as provide key solutions for Al Masaood to achieve its targets, seal new contracts and build effective communication channels with the government. We not only deliver timely support to the Group, but we bring to our organisation valuable national and regional government projects as well.

These accomplishments are the result of strong team collaboration and support culture existing across Al Masaood’s work environment. As we set new targets and goals for next year, we are determined to work even harder to surpass expectations.

Happy 2022, everyone! May the New Year bring you blessings, joy, and peace!