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Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster

25 July 2022

Al Masaood Industrial recently participated at the Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster Conference that took place in Italy on the 12th of July 2022. Virtually hosted, the event organized by our partners BBV Group, engaged leaders from different industries to come together and explore industrial and manufacturing opportunities for the Italian businesses in the UAE.


Positioned as a leader in the fields of industrial applications, our session focused on the latest developments in the UAE’s sectors such Oil and Gas, waste management, utilities, and logistics.


The presentation also shed the light on renewable energy solutions and environmental strategies that the UAE government has launched as part of its decarbonization agenda. We explained to the Italian delegation present during the conference the positive efforts of the UAE as it lives up to its net-zero pledge and working towards a sustainable future.


The industrial report presented by the team was very well received by the delegation. I am a true believer in the potential opportunities that lie ahead of us as the UAE and our principle brands move towards a more sustainable future.


BBV Tech has positioned itself as a partner for engineering companies and industrial concerns that have to tackle and solve problems associated with gas expansion in plants. BBV Tech offers solutions that are widely used in the energy sectors across the world.


Al Masaood has been a distributor of BBV Tech for almost 18 years. Furthermore, BBV Tech is a part of our Projects & Engineering Services Department (PESD).


You can learn more about Al Masaood’s PESD and BBV’s offering in our upcoming participation in ADIPEC which is expected to take place from the 31st of October to 3rd of November.