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Introducing ARB (REDARC) Solar Systems: A Green Camping and Touring Solution

19 June 2023

In an effort to support the transition to clean energy, ARB has introduced REDARC solar systems that can be used for camping and touring purposes. The ARB (REDARC) Solar Systems contribute to reducing carbon footprints and offer sustainable power sources. With this innovation, camping accessories such as refrigerators, lights, and power tools can be powered reliably, independently, and sustainably.


ARB (REDARC) Solar Systems provide a consistent and dependable power source, even in remote locations. By using ARB (REDARC) solar systems, users can be more independent from the traditional power grid, allowing them to venture further afield.

In addition to being an eco-friendly alternative to traditional power sources, ARB (REDARC) Solar Systems are cost-effective by reducing fuel and electricity expenses. They are also easy to install and maintain, making them an ideal choice for adventurers.

To learn more about ARB (REDARC) Solar Systems, please click here.