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INFINITI Rolls Out Brand Refresh for a New Era

11 September 2023

Al Masaood Automobiles’ long-term automotive partner, INFINITI, has recently announced a comprehensive brand refresh aimed at enhancing customer connections and delivering "thoughtful hospitality" at all touchpoints, bringing to life the brand’s signature Total Ownership Experience.

As part of its brand refresh, INFINITI has redesigned its global retail architecture. Being a Japanese brand, the new architecture draws inspiration from cultural design philosophies and pays homage to the brand's rich heritage while providing a truly immersive experience for customers.

Over the years, the visual identity of INFINITI has also undergone several refinements to reflect the forward-facing direction of INFINITI as a brand born to challenge convention. To cultivate a deeper connection with customers, the multifaceted brand refresh will entail various visual and sensory aspects that elevate customers’ experiences.

To maintain leadership, it is imperative for brands to stay relevant by continually innovating and injecting new energy into the experiences they present to customers. As one of our key automotive partners, we are excited to see what this new and exciting era brings to INFINITI customers in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and the Western Region.