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Ibda'a Pillar 3: The Power of Setting Goals and Accepting Them 

18 April 2022

Our third Pillar of this year’s Ibda’a, or to start something new, campaign is about the Power of Setting Goals and Achieving them.

Whether it’s a specific position at work, a finish line you’re dying to cross or a side hustle you want to be proficient in, you have a dream and achieving it starts with setting a goal. Imagining that incredible mountain peak with winding trails to reach the top can be daunting. Knowing where to begin, how long it will take and the necessary steps to reach the end zone is not an easy feat. Fortunately, there is power in setting goals along the way to put achievement within reach.

In any situation, habit formation and mind enrichment through constant learning are important. Whether you observe Ramadan or not, the shortened working hours are an excellent opportunity to use that extra time for reflecting on your previous goals, setting current goals and seeing how you can achieve them.

To guide and inspire us on our goal setting journey, we have invited Saahil Mehta to our upcoming Virtual Ramadan Majlis. During his session with our employees, Saahil will talk to us about the benefits of breaking free, and how it will give us more time to purse our passion and priorities and achieve our goals.

Make Ramadan different this year by engaging in life-changing experiences and setting self-improvement goals.