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How to take an holistic approach when it comes to our wellbeing with Dr. Hanan Selim?

14 April 2022

We had an exciting session in Al Masaood Virtual Ramadan Majlis with Dr. Hanan Selim as she discussed the topic of holistic wellbeing, and how our bodies and minds are connected with everything that we do. Dr. Hanan advised us on keeping a more holistic outlook when it comes to our health, since mental stress and negative thoughts can have detrimental effects on our physical health.⁣

Dr. Hanan Selim, known as the “pharmacist of the future”, is a healthcare specialist and international author who uses a cutting-edge system called “Healology”. As a result of her technique, people are more able to attain improved health, and break through mental blockages and toxicity. ⁣

Thank you Dr. Hanan for your valuable insights and educational tips!⁣