Al Masaood | Abu Dhabi | UAE


Falcon 2.0 - Our Next Frontier

12 April 2022

They say if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. As we commence with the last year of Project Falcon, the team and I jump started early preparations for AMA’s next frontier, our strategy for 2023 leading up to 2027.

While preparations are underway, we took the first step last Wednesday the 6th of April and met together to study the environment around us and analyse the most recent economical and consumer trends.

So much has changed in just under five years in the world. Companies need to be nimble and agile to face this heightened change. We at AMA are adamant to build a strategy that answers to the times.

So much of disruption is in place today; the world moving from a Pandemic to a challenging war climate, oil prices fluctuating, inflation soaring, consumers dropping the abundance mentality and the planet on fire from the sad climate change. Yet, we see ample opportunities and we are blessed to be operating in a rich region that is witnessing one of the world’s fastest growth rates in population and urbanisation.

As the world is less than a decade away from temperatures reaching the dreaded 2 degree Celsius, we know that the UAE is undertaking an aggressive environmental agenda that will host great focus on electrification in automotive. The UAE will be an emission-free country in 2050.

The initial session yielded great results so far and I am very proud to see my team supercharged and aligned on our future path.

I wish to thank them for their unwavering energy in this session and I am looking forward to resuming the work with them throughout the summer months until we arrive at the second edition of our Falcon strategy in Q3.