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Falcon 2.0 – A Horizon for Unbounded Prospects

16 January 2023

After nearly 40 years in the automotive industry, I can confidently say that the only constant is change. And the learnings I have gathered so far have been clear. To stay ahead, we must:


- Fight complacency,
- Take responsible risks, and
- Push beyond our comfort zone because that’s where progress is made.


The automotive industry is changing. At the heart of the disruption is new multimodal mobile apps, aggregators, electrification, and autonomous driving. Dealerships are at intersection points having to make decisions on the way forward, as it is no longer a straight line. As we have completed Project Falcon, we are now embarking on our second mid-term strategy, Falcon 2.0. The team is geared up to launch and activate a new strategic agenda that will address change and turn it to our advantage.


Personally, I love the beginning of anything. With all the open opportunities presented, learned lessons to build on, and the mounting energy of what could potentially be.


The months and years ahead will be pivotal for our industry - and AMA is ready to take on the tides of change.

I have a lot of exciting news for you in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.