Al Masaood | Abu Dhabi | UAE


End of Year Message - by Irfan Tansel, Chief Executive Officer, Al Masaood Automobiles

30 December 2021

Some years loom large in history. Both 2020 and 2021 did, each in their own different ways. 2020 has seen unprecedented challenges that have brought us together and unified us even more. And like the saying goes, after every crisis, there lies opportunities. 2021, was a year where we emerged stronger together. I don’t mean this by the slogan sense of the word, but rather by the fact that AMA has outperformed itself.


Our Sales and Aftersales teams have adapted exceptionally well to the disruption that the market has witnessed, all the while innovating and collaborating with the support teams such as Customer Experience, Marketing and Corporate Support services. 2021 was again a testament to our success in working together as ONE TEAM.


Team Nissan, your dedicated efforts across all operations earned us the prestigious ‘Nissan Award of Excellence’. Our INFINITI team also showed us how to turn adversity into hard work and opportunity, and in turn secured the ‘INFINITI Outstanding Performance Award’. Renault on the other hand demonstrated their innovation and capitalising on market opportunity by launching their exclusive Duster Cargo model and setting a new milestone for the brand in Abu Dhabi.


The AutoCentral team has also outdone itself this year and put on an aggressive growth strategy that saw them expand across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, as well as enter the Northern Emirates market through not one – but two – AutoCentral outlets in Dubai.


Our Falcons in the Aftersales crowned the end of this year by winning the Global Nissan Aftersales Award for the first time, outperforming all other Nissan dealers operating globally, and cementing the Al Masaood promise of providing top-class customer service and experience.


Our teams in Marketing and F&I, leasing as well all the other departments have also given their 100% to make sure Al Masaood Automobiles operates under the culture of excellence that has become our second nature.


As we come close to the end of the year, I encourage everyone to keep their feet on the gas pedal and to prepare yourselves for the new year, with all its challenges, opportunities, and everything in between. So, let’s welcome 2022 together with optimism and enthusiasm.