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Empowering Women in Off-roading, ARB Emirates Holds Women’s Workshop

14 August 2023

Who says off-roading is only for men?

At ARB Emirates, we believe in diversity within the UAE’s off-road and camping community, and encourage our female off-roaders to experience the thrills of outdoor adventures with us. This is reflected in our women-only events such as exciting desert drives, trail rides, camping trips, and informative workshops.

We recently organised a successful workshop on 6 August at our showroom in Dubai, to enhance the off-road and camping experience for our female off-roaders. The workshop was led by Noor, a female influencer and expert on our products. The event had a great turnout with over 30 participants engaging in interesting discussions and concluded with a raffle draw for exciting giveaways. We also showcased our range of products that are targeted at our female off-roading community.

At ARB Emirates, we empower women to take on outdoor adventures with confidence. Together, we support a diverse and vibrant off-road community in the UAE.