Al Masaood | Abu Dhabi | UAE


Chairman's Message on the Occasion of Ramadan 

2 April 2022

We are greatly blessed to witness the holy month of Ramadan once more. I extend our warmest wishes to you all on behalf of the Al Masaood family and Board of Directors on this auspicious occasion.


This blessed month gives us with the opportunity to reflect on our thoughts and actions and make good choices that contribute to the welfare of our society. In doing so, we practice the true meaning of Ramadan, and continue to spread cheer and positivity in our own lives, and that of others.


As a season of abundant rewards, Ramadan is the perfect occasion to reset, and begin something new. It is a time to remind ourselves to reflect, introspect, and focus on our emotional and physical wellbeing. This year at Al Masaood, we will be taking on an overarching theme - Ibda’a – to motivate ourselves and the community to utilise Ramadan as an opportunity for taking a first step towards our goals or positive changes in our lives.


At Al Masaood, our vision has always been to have a positive effect on our teams, community, nation, and the world around. With the holy month upon us, we hope to continue achieving these goals through Ramadan and beyond.


May you and your loved ones be safe and find peace and inspiration in this blessed month of compassion and solidarity.


I wish you all a Ramadan Mubarak.