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Chairman’s Statement on Group Wedding for 50 Young Emirati Nationals

27 December 2021

In living up to the values of Al Masaood, growing together with our nation, and in celebration Al Masaood’s 50th Anniversary that coincides with that of the UAE, we have decided to fund a group wedding for 50 young Emirati nationals through the Ministry of Community Development in Abu Dhabi. Group weddings are an important step towards establishing and growing families that play a vital role in preserving the identity, culture and tradition of Emiratis and are pivotal to the future of our nation.  Facilitating group weddings for the youth reflects the importance of family as the basic unit and the very foundation of a happy and prosperous society. We have always been consistent in celebrating and supporting initiatives that promote and protect family cohesion in our communities. This is also the sentiment of Al Masaood, we are family.


This opportunity has been made possible through our collaboration of our Government Affairs department and the work of Chief Executive, Government Affairs Ahmed Salmeen.  It is another strong testament to how public-private partnerships can help advance our communities for the benefit of all citizens and residents.


We are extending our congratulations to the couples. Their wedding, one of the most memorable events of their lives, marks the start of a new chapter in their journey together. At Al Masaood, let us be among the first to send our best wishes to all of them.