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Breast Cancer Prevention Tips – Part 2

18 October 2021

Breast cancer is the world’s most prevalent cancer and thus it is crucial to be aware and informed about the risks, symptoms, and causes of breast cancer. This way you can try to prevent it.


Below are a few prevention tips to help you reduce the risks of breast cancer:


Find out your family history: Research has found that breast cancer has a hereditary factor to it and can be passed down family generations. Having a family history of breast cancer may put an individual at a higher risk. Thus, it very important to be aware of your family history and any hereditary disease that may be in the family. Knowing your family history will allow you to take preventative action and do regular check-ups.

Prolonged breastfeeding: Women who breast-feed their babies for at least a year in total have a reduced risk of developing breast cancer later.

Eat your fruits and vegetables: Following a nutritious diet rich in foods like leafy greens, fatty fish, citrus fruits, beans, berries, and certain herbs and spices may help reduce breast cancer risk.

Routine Mammogram: Doctors recommend yearly mammograms for women aged 45 to 54. Mammograms can help diagnose breast cancer at an early stage. This can lead to early treatment, and better chances of survival.


Regular screenings: Some women with breast cancer don’t have symptoms at all. This makes regular breast cancer screenings especially important.


Let us all come together to check, fight, survive breast cancer.