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Al Masaood’s Emirati Women: Ambitions and Inspirations for Next 50 Years

26 August 2021

In 50 years, I believe that the UAE will resolve all sustainability issues. UAE cities will become completely sustainable, with individuals changing their lifestyle, our households adopting sustainable practices and our government fully utilising renewable energy to power real estate, automotive and other industries. Using renewable resources will help us reduce our carbon footprint and mitigate climate change risks. Women will have a great role to play to achieve the UAE's sustainability targets, initiatives and plans, including those outlined in the National Climate Change Plan of the UAE 2017–2050.​⁣

Shamma AlKhajeh


 In the next 50 years, I am confident that the UAE will rank number one across all fields. Our nation will be at the forefront of making scientific and literary achievements, with the youth making the impossible possible. As a daughter of the UAE, I will continue to inspire and innovate in my field of engineering to help maintain our country's progress and leading position. Just as what we've learned from our wise leadership, we are the people of the future who can achieve the impossible.⁣

Mezna Al Marri


I have a vision of the UAE opening an integrated city on Mars and creating an environment where humans can live on the planet. Public trips to Mars will begin. School trips will become even more exciting, as we get to know and personally experience Mars for the first time beyond theories and screens.​⁣

Rawdha Al Murri


In the next 50 years, I foresee the UAE leading and transforming into one of the most prominent countries in the world. It will be at the forefront of deploying artificial intelligence across all fields. The number of female and male scientists, entrepreneurs, doctors and other experts will exponentially increase, with all of them posessing skills that are comparable with their counterparts based in the world's most developed nations. ​

Taif Al Ajeel


“As an Emirati woman, my ambition is to serve my country and raise its flag high in all fields. I will do everything within my capacity and position to return the favor to my country and wise leadership. I will give my best to leave a mark now and in the future, whether through a project, an idea, an initiative, or a good deed.”​

Hanadi Alkhatheeri


Emirati women are delighted by the wise leadership's relentless support and efforts to empower them, nurture their leadership skills and ensure that they achieve a balance between their social and professional life. Because of our government's vision and national initiatives for all UAE citizens, I am confident that our country will reach prosperity and witness success across all fields. This we will achieve through the ambitions and love of our people for our country.

Fatima Al Dhaheri


As a citizen of a country that keeps up with the latest developments and is now leading the global march towards innovation and creativity, my ambitions are great. I seek to continue to progress and develop in my work. I also hope that the UAE and the rest of the global community achieve more innovations across fields, most especially in the socio-economic area.

Khaula Al Kaabi