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Al Masaood Property Division Hosts Panel Discussion on the UAE Real Estate Overview

21 November 2022

Al Masaood Property Division has recently teamed up with the University of Adelaide to host a panel discussion on current Real Estate trends across the UAE. This was held on November 14th at The Hive, Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre and attended by a variety of UAE market professionals from the leading real estate developers and consultants.


The event has brought together like-minded professionals to discuss the future opportunities and potential impacts we may see across the UAE in the months and years to come. The interaction of both students from real estate markets outside the UAE combined with local professionals highlighted many interesting angles for discussion.


The session showcased various aspects of a new master plan development project, focusing on risk, delivery to market, financing, usage mix, and developers’ concerns. The discussion also touched upon the future performance and economic implications of the Abu Dhabi and Dubai residential and commercial property markets from an occupier’s perspective.

Students from the University of Adelaide showed great interest in our marketplace, using Al Masaood Property Division’s experience and knowledge to showcase their studies for the redevelopment of an Abu Dhabi Island brownfield site. The case study has served as an example of best practice in providing enhancements and services for both occupiers, developers, and the local community.


At Al Masaood Property Division, we will continue to host similar workshops to strengthen relationships between Real Estate professionals and occupiers across the Emirates.