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Al Masaood Powers the UAE’s First Flying Boats

22 March 2022

Al Masaood Power Division has signed an agreement to power the UAE’s first flying boats. This exciting opportunity comes through our partnership with SeaBubbles, a French company of the Zero Emission Valley, designed and built the world’s first eco-designed electric-hydrogen hydrofoil boat.


At Al Masaood Power, we believe that technological breakthroughs are needed to reduce carbon emissions in the marine sector. As a pioneer in water mobility solutions, Al Masaood has witnessed the transformation of this sector – from the use of diesel power to the deployment of clean energy that we see today. We are honoured to take part in such a visionary partnership with SeaBubbles and continue the 50-year legacy of Al Masaood’s support to develop the vital sectors we operate in.


As we gear towards implementing renewable energy solutions and systems, I believe this is a powerful way to honour the vision of the UAE to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 and provide green mobility for future generations.