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Al Masaood is 150.000 followers strong on LinkedIn

28 March 2022

In November 2020, I shared with you a personal and professional goal that I set when I joined Al Masaood in 2018. The goal was, and continues to be, to grow Al Masaood’s corporate presence online, especially on LinkedIn. 


In 2020 we celebrated reaching 100,000 followers on LinkedIn, and a mere 16 months later, I am proud to share that our LinkedIn family has now reached 150,000 followers! 


On average, the Al Masaood LinkedIn page has been growing at a very healthy rate, with over 3,000 followers joining our page per month. We receive close to 12,000 unique views in a day, and we have over 900 of our employees on our page.  Our growth journey continues to be used as a benchmark by the LinkedIn Middle East team for strong LinkedIn presence.  


This growth comes as a testament to the tremendous efforts that the HR and MARCOM teams continue to put into content creation, the HR team has also had great success in attracting top talent to Al Masaood using LinkedIn’s intelligent databases, as we continue to highlight our thought-leadership articles and insights from our leaders across the Group.

A company’s best custodians are the tenured employees, and with LinkedIn being a free and insightful platform for all I encourage you to make use of this great platform that connects you with industry professionals and leaders across the globe. 


If you have not followed our page, please do so and be sure to engage with our content. If you would like to share any news from your team or department, you can reach out directly to me on