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Al Masaood CV&E Welcomes UD Trucks South Africa Team to Its M-40 Facility 

2 October 2023

Al Masaood Commercial Vehicles and Equipment (CV&E) recently welcomed our long-standing partner, UD Trucks, in the presence of Mourad Hedna, President of UD Trucks for the Middle East, East, and North Africa (MEENA) region, and the UD Trucks South Africa team at our M-40 facility in Abu Dhabi. This visit coincided with UD Trucks’ Senior Executives and South Africa team’s exploration of our region and the capital.

During the meeting, our discussions revolved around UD Trucks’ vision, strategic direction, and ambitious plans for the future. In addition to these insightful conversations, we had the pleasure of taking them on a tour of our new M-40 facility. The tour offered the team a comprehensive overview of our diverse capabilities, which will enhance their understanding of the brand’s potential.

At Al Masaood CV&E, we strive to enhance our strategic partnerships to set ourselves as an ideal partner for our customers. Our collaboration with UD Trucks reflects the Division’s dedication to delivering innovation, advancing customer satisfaction, and strengthening our market position in the UAE.