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Al Masaood Bergum's Latest Foldable Units 

3 October 2022

Al Masaood Bergum has introduced its latest Ultra - Fold Prefinished Modules to the UAE’s construction, oil and gas, defence, and energy industries. Engineered to German standards, the foldable units are ideal for construction villages, workforce accommodations, offices, and many standalone applications across these various sectors.

The foldable walls go up to 12 meters long and come with multiple other benefits like thermal insulation features for extreme weather conditions, soundproof properties for optimized acoustics, and quick and easy assembly. The walls can be put together in around 17 minutes with a minimum of 5 people.

In addition to this, the foldable units are designed to be built with minimal waste during the production process and can be easily transported, with a total of 5 modules per 40ft trailer.


To know more about the Ultra - Fold Prefinished Modules, watch the below video.