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Al Masaood Automobiles Launches Falcon 2.0 Strategy

13 February 2023

Kicking off the year on a high note, we held the Al Masaood Automobiles Falcon 2.0 strategy launch on the 7th of February. The session was attended by our Chairman, HE Masaood Ahmed Al Masaood, our Director, Khalifa Al Masaood, ExCo member, Ziad Abou Nasr, along with the Heads of our Corporate Support departments, and Al Masaood Automobiles' Department GMs. We also welcomed Thierry Sabbagh, President, Nissan Saudi Arabia, INFINITI Middle East and Managing Director, Nissan Middle East.

In the session, I presented Al Masaood Automobiles' strategy for the next 5 years – 2023 to 2027, which will be based on 3 pillars: Diversification, Customer Centricity, Innovation.


In my meeting, I explained the verticals of Diversification which we will pursue; including new retail formats, new product mixes, and new regional expansions.

In terms of customer centricity, we showcased a full-fledged strategy that will be led by Steve Davies. Our vision for customer centricity is to work towards a seamless customer journey - both offline and online. Through this strategy, we will ensure that we are constantly communicating with our customers, listening to them, and addressing their needs across all touchpoints.


Under innovation, we will be looking at manifesting novel ideas to create new policies, processes, and lean operations. Innovation will also cover the re-design of existing business processes and exploring new avenues to introduce savings in time and money.


The automotive industry is undergoing major challenges. As eloquently stated by Thierry Sabbagh, saying that the automotive industry is going through change is an understatement. We are at a crossroad in our sector, and it is time for us to either be the disruptor or the disrupted.


The next five years are a lot more challenging than the previous five. As I highlighted in my presentation, Project Falcon was an inside job where we had to perform some housekeeping and launch new business lines – which was accomplished successfully.

However, in the next five years we are disrupting our business, and we need everyone's support. We need everybody to embrace change. To succeed, we require speed of transformation and IT technology platforms to support our disruption and create seamless customer journeys. We also need the right human capital to be with us to spearhead this journey over the next five years.


Time is of an absolute essence. For this reason, we have chosen our new tagline for the next five years to be: "The Future Starts Today".


In line with this, we concluded new corporate values for Al Masaood Automobiles. These are:

- Uphold our Integrity,
- Do more together.
- Make innovation our game,
- Respect employees, customers, and the planet, and;
- Obsessed with delighting our customers,


During our session, we also recognized our outperforming Falcons who delivered excellent business results in the year 2022. My heartfelt gratitude and thanks goes to all of them.


As we embark on our new journey, I have full faith that my team and I will collectively steer our ship towards another new success for AMA.