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Al Masaood Automobiles Aftersales Signs Agreement with 3M Gulf Limited

6 December 2021

Al Masaood Automobiles Aftersales Department has recently signed an agreement with 3M Gulf Limited. This agreement is a non-exclusive distributorship which allows Al Masaood Automobiles to resell all products available within the 3M portfolio. 

3M Gulf Limited was incorporated as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company in 1902, and its first product was sandpaper. 3M, as it became familiarly known, grew steadily, adding waterproof sandpaper, adhesive cellophane tape, masking tape, and desktop photocopiers, among other goods, to its product line. 

In 2002, celebrating 3M’s centennial anniversary, “3M Company” become the legal name of 3M. The company manufactures various consumer products that caters industries in different fields such as automotive, commercial solutions, design & construction, health care, and safety.   

The company is notable among diversified American corporations for its growth by largely internal means rather than large-scale acquisitions.

In March 2021, Al Masaood Automobiles, Aftersales Division, initiated entering into a distributorship agreement with 3M. With access to over 990 various 3M products, this gives us an advantage in our Automotive business and a wider opportunity in trading business as well.