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Al Masaood Forges New Partnership with TOTAL

Al Masaood Forges New Partnership with TOTAL

Sunday, 24 November 2019

Al Masaood Group is pleased to announce the latest agreement with TOTAL, a leading player in the international energy market and the Group’s long-time partner. Under the new collaboration, TOTAL will supply Al Masaood with a wide range of automotive and industrial lubricants, greases, marine lubricants, and specialty products thereby covering the Group’s extensive oil and lubricant requirements.


This strategic cooperation is set to deliver significant value savings to the Group as the various divisions will continue to enjoy competitive rates, on-time deliveries, and other value-added services throughout the contract period.

TOTAL, which produces and markets fuels, natural gas, and low-carbon electricity, has been a long-term partner of Al Masaood, and is highly renowned for its prime-quality products and services. We are certain that this agreement will bring significant mutual benefits to Al Masaood and TOTAL and will further strengthen our competitive market position by facilitating the provision of excellent services to our customers.