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Al Masaood Power Showcases Next Generation Solar Panel Solution ‘Oryxbox’ at ISNR Abu Dhabi

Al Masaood Power Showcases Next Generation Solar Panel Solution ‘Oryxbox’ at ISNR Abu Dhabi

Monday, 10 October 2022

Al Masaood Power Division, a pioneer in power solutions, a part of the Al Masaood Group - one of Abu Dhabi’s leading business conglomerates, is showcasing Sunstream International’s next generation plug-and-play solar solution, Oryxbox, at the International Exhibition for National Security and Resilience (ISNR Abu Dhabi). Oryxbox is a sustainable containerised and movable solar power solution, designed as an independent, off-grid power solution, the perfect fit for mission critical, disaster and crisis management sectors.

The three-day Exhibition, which started on October 10, 2022, at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADENC), has brought together leading national and international companies to boost business opportunities, enhance industry leadership and showcase innovative solutions.

During the event, Al Masaood Power is highlighting the significance of innovations such as Oryxbox as an important solution, aimed at accelerating the shift towards sustainable energy sources. Al Masaood Power Division signed a distribution agreement with Sunstream International earlier this year to lead the future of solar panel solutions in the GCC region in line with its commitment to foster the region's transition to clean and renewable energy sources.

Rasso Bartenschlager, General Manager, Al Masaood Power Division said: “With a massive flood of investment in renewables, especially the solar energy industry, the Middle East is at the forefront of the world's energy transformation. And we as a leading power solutions provider are aware of our role in helping the GCC countries move to greener, more sustainable economies by facilitating their transition to clean and renewable energy sources. We are pleased to showcase Sunstream International’s Oryxbox at this Exhibition as we believe this is an excellent platform to promote latest innovations. The solution not only generates green and local electricity even in hazardous, remote, and challenging conditions, but is also ideal for any emergency situations due to its easy installation process.”

Frederic Bouvet-Haas, CEO, Sunstream International, said: “Our collaboration with Al Masaood Power Division is consistent with our shared objective to ease the transition to clean and renewable energy sources in GCC region in order to promote sustainable economies. Our most recent invention, the Oryxbox, is a movable, modular plug-and-play solar system that has minimal environmental impact and doesn't require cement or concrete. With this innovation, the GCC region will achieve more sustainable production of green electricity, in record time without complex civil work requirements.”

The Oryxbox, which was entirely developed and produced in Germany, is the next-generation aluminum solar trailer that consists of ultra-high performance solar panels, built for quick deployment and storage by one person. Due to the trailer's own Lithium-Ion battery system, there is always electricity available even at night or when the sun is hidden by clouds.

With zero input, care, and maintenance requirements, the Oryxbox is a silent, green solution which allows users to change the angle and direction whenever they need. It also comes with an ultraportable energy storage system that is fully integrated.