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Say 'NO' to Plastic-Sofiya Poland, Group Procurement Manager 

31 October 2022

Did you know that as plastic is less expensive, it is one of the most widely available and overused items in the world today? This is devastating as we all know that plastic is one of the prime factors that is harming our planet. It is high time, we all come together and not only address this issue but also take small measures towards sustainability. Al Masaood Group has purchased 10,000 plastic bottles of various sizes so far this year. Based on this usage of plastic water bottles, Al Masaood Group produces more than 400 kg of plastic annually.


Having said that, in line with our vision to become an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) compliant company, Al Masaood Group will contribute to Abu Dhabi’s Environmental Vision by simply saying “NO” to plastic bottles. Earlier this year, MARCOM launched their ‘Go Green’ campaign where they distributed reusable water bottles and bags to all the employees at Al Masaood. To keep the momentum going, the Procurement team will STOP accepting plastic water bottle purchases in the Najda Office starting 15th of November 2022. For the rest of the Group, this will come to effect starting 1st January 2023.


There will be no plastic water bottles, single-use coffee/tea paper cups, plastic plates and cutlery allowed in the premises.

Below are a few habits you can start off with to support our sustainability initiative:

1. Purchase 5-gallon water dispensers for your offices.
2. Encourage everyone to get used to the reusable water bottles that were distributed to all employees.
3. If necessary, order Al Ain glass water bottles.
4. Purchase refillable glass water bottles, jugs, and glasses -similar to IKEA concept- this can be done on-line or through Procurement.
5. Use porcelain plates over plastic ones.
6. Avoid using plastic cutlery in favor of stainless steel.


It is time we all come together for the benefit of our planet Earth.