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Projects and Engineering Services Division at Bu Hasa Gas Plant

25 July 2021

Al Masaood Projects and Engineering Services Division (PESD) has been awarded an exciting project which includes the engineering design, manufacturing, and the supply of a Lean Gas Compressor package for Adnoc Gas Processing (AGP). The team is currently working at the Bu Hasa Gas Plant to ensure a successful delivery.


The project started in January 2020 and is expected for complete handover to Adnoc by December 2021. The scope of work includes the supply, design engineering, and manufacturing of the compression package. Additionally, PESD is offering on-site support which consists of installing, commissioning, starting up, and training for the Lean Gas Compressor package.

Delivering the main Compressor Skid, which weighs more than 20 tonnes and is at least 10 meters in length, has been the most challenging part of this project. The main Compressor Skid is the largest component of the Lean Gas Compression package. It improves the efficiency of the existing gas process by reducing emissions and saving energy. The team managed a successful delivery in record time by utilizing the largest air freight plane in the world from Zurich to Abu Dhabi airport.


This project demonstrates our strong relationship with both Adnoc and our principal MAN Energy Solutions, who are one of Al Masaood PESD’s long standing Principals. Headquartered in Germany, MAN Energy Solutions has been leading the way in advanced engineering for rotating equipment for more than 250 years. Through our almost 20-year-old partnership with MAN Energy Solutions, our customers have been able to achieve sustainable value when transitioning to a carbon-neutral future.


I am very thankful for the PESD team that continue working and delivering such high calibre projects. I am grateful for our principals and the relationships that we have had over the years. I look forward to adding this project to our list of successful landmark projects that significantly contribute to the growth of the Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas industry.