Al Masaood | Abu Dhabi | UAE


New Year Message – Hani Tannir, Group Head of Commercial

30 December 2021

I would like to start my message by thanking you for the dedicated and valuable work that you have all contributed to Al Masaood over the past year.  We have needed to factor a ‘new normal’ into how we do business, and we are still having to face and manage new challenges that were not there before the pandemic. The individual leadership and the team spirit have served us well and I am grateful for and confident that this will continue and develop.


As a result, I am happy to record that 2021 has been a good year for us and we were able to make up a lot of lost ground. A new momentum was created, and we need to nurture this going forward. We are fortunate that we are able as a Group to offer our clients a diverse range of products and services. This diversity, as well as the individual divisional growth have allowed the Commercial Group to achieve overall business growth, continuity, sustainability, and most importantly stability. This success belongs to the Divisions’ Leadership and their teams, as well as to the Support Units who have also responded to and accommodated our challenges and requirements. To all of you, Thank You and Well done.


Growth, both across and within our business verticals remains, of course, an absolute necessity for us as an organisation. Maintaining the momentum, as the market changes and new opportunities present themselves, will also require flexibility in our planning, processes, and actions. So, as we look to the year ahead, we will be exploring new opportunities and alternative processes, both within the individual divisions and the Commercial Group.


We are all proud of the position and reputation that the Group enjoys, and this is a testament to decades of receptiveness to our customers. Optimal response to customers’ needs remains at the heart our priorities. Your leadership in these critical areas is laudable and essential: quality, responsiveness, attention to detail, and relevance. Maintaining our cutting edge in customer relations will allow us to maintain our leadership position.


The growth and diversification of the businesses should also be a sustainable one; in terms of improving in our Emiratization levels, corporate governance, corporate citizenship, and optimal risk management.


It has been a good return to normal. Let us maintain the momentum of your success and continue to set ever higher standards. I am honoured to accompany you on this journey.


I wish you and your families a happy and a successful New Year.