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Marwa Kaabour, Group Head of Marketing and Corporate Communication, introduces our Ramadan 2022 Campaign

4 April 2022

As the spirit of the holy month prevails around us, let us remind ourselves that Ramadan not only exalts the values of piety, charity, and love, it is also a time for us to slow down, set aside all distractions, and self-reflect.

It is within this context that we will be launching a new campaign this year under the theme ‘Ibdaa’ which is the Arabic equivalence to ‘Start Something new’. A sequel to last year’s successful Ramadan Campaign ‘Iqraa’, this year’s campaign stems from the universal truth that Ramadan is a time of RESET and new resolutions. Many of us vow to quit bad habits and replace them with healthier ones during this holy time.

This year, we encourage you all to start something new. Many, if not all of us, have goals and resolutions sitting there untouched. So, let’s take this month as a chance to focus and challenge ourselves to let go of old habits that no longer work for us, and pick up new ones. Perhaps we should take on that hobby that we’ve long been interested in, or simply allow ourselves to reflect – reset – and restart.

During the month, our content will revolve around 4 general pillars, namely: mental health, physical health, financial health, and the power of setting goals and overcoming challenges.