Al Masaood | Abu Dhabi | UAE


Irfan Tansel, CEO of Al Masaood Automobiles, on his visit to the Al Ain Service Centre Facility 

21 March 2022

To connect with our Al Ain colleagues, I spent a delightful day at our Al Ain facility on Wednesday 16th of March.


I had the pleasure of meeting again with all our team members at the Showroom, Parts Centre, and Customer Engagement Centre. I also spent some quality time at the newly revamped Nissan Service Centre, which the team has done a great job in uphauling. Thanks to their efforts, the service facility now mirrors the global Nissan Retail Concept (NRC) standards. This visit was a great opportunity for me to express my appreciation to the Al Ain team members for the consistent top-quality performance that they have been delivering in all areas of operation. During the visit, it was also lovely to convene with Mr. Rafid, our new Group CFO, Mr. Meiraj, our Head of Corporate Support and Group HR, along with my AMA leaders for our monthly Board Meeting in this new and refreshing setting.


The highlight of the visit, however, was the heartwarming meal that I enjoyed with our service technicians and mechanics, during which I shared with them my vision on how Al Masaood Automobiles is set to lead the automotive market in Abu Dhabi, and how the area of Aftersales will play a pivotal role in maintaining our market leadership. Being a strong believer in the value of top-notch service to our customers, I reiterated to the team that our aftersales service is the true product bearing Al Masaood’s promise of excellence.


It was truly gratifying to see the team’s positive energy during this visit. It’s also very fascinating to see how a simple visit like this can set off a wave of positive energy and enthusiasm amongst our team members.


I look forward to many more of these highly enjoyable visits in the coming period.