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In memory of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan's 55th Accession Day 

8 August 2021

The 6th of August marked the UAE’s 55th anniversary of the accession of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan as Ruler of Abu Dhabi. At Al Masaood Group, we take part in the celebration of this moment in the history of our nation, as we remember and honour his legacy of unity, respect, tolerance, generosity, and stability.


Without a doubt, Sheikh Zayed’s vision of a thriving state and forward-looking leadership have paved the way for our country to make an unstoppable rise and gain influence on the global stage on all fronts.


Our 2021 commemoration of the special occasion coincides with Al Masaood’s 50th anniversary, making this year all the more special for us at the Group.


As we envision continuously ‘Growing with the Nation,’ we will take the needed steps to help fulfil the goals of our wise leadership, in line with Sheikh Zayed’s aspirations for national growth and development and follow his example as a great and inspiring leader of this nation.  We will work towards building Al Masaood as an enterprise that contributes to the UAE’s progress, invests in the country’s people, and reflects its most cherished values. 


The Emirates’ exceptional advancement in the modern age is spectacular. Building on what our founding father had started, the UAE will sustain its global standing - serving as a model of impressive and rapid development to other nations. 

As the UAE has now begun its preparations for the next 50 years, we at Al Masaood will accordingly align our approach to business growth to help accelerate the country’s international status and positioning in the 21st century based on the vision of Sheikh Zayed and the ambitions and guidance of our present leadership.